About Our Logo

Soul Support refers to what both the counselor and the client do in the process of psychotherapy: provide and develop support in the deep core of being human.

The gradient color in the logo illustrates the non-material aspect of soul bridging the gap between our spirit nature (represented by the image to the right) and the down-to-earth material realm (represented by the “ground” under support).

The image suggests several elements:

  • dove – Spirit, aspirations, dreams
  • flames – transformation, letting go what is no longer needed
  • lighted candle – illumination, insight
  • heart – heart of the matter, love, compassion

Nancy Brockett, PhD.
“As a counselor my job is about helping people to uncover and build on their own inner strengths,”

says Nancy Brockett, PhD. Each one of us is a part of the fabric of life. And sometimes we need the support of those around us to make it through. But if we rely solely on others we miss an essential source of support—our own WHOLE self.

Although we talk about body, mind, spirit, and soul as if they were separate entities, we are in fact a unity of all these aspects. Western society has mostly lost awareness and value of soul and the spiritual nature of being human. They don’t cease to exist, however. They’re just not as available to us as resources for thriving.

We come to therapy because at some level we’re tired of merely—sometimes barely— surviving. We may be limping along at partial strength because we don’t recognize that we’re connected to only part of our inner resources. The task of therapy is to tap into all of our strength (and limits) by connecting with every aspect of ourself—physical, spiritual, emotional, and thinking. The soul is what connects us with our inner resources and the Source of Life.

Simply put: We thrive as we build on the support that soul provides.

Dr. Nancy M Brockett, PhD, LPC verified by GoodTherapy.org