EFT Newcomer Rids Himself of Social Anxiety

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Hi Everyone, Kathy Atkinson coached her client via email correspondence with a superb result. While this article is brief, please note how her client used a "strong voice" in applying EFT. This is form of saying the phrasing emphatically or yelling it ... a method I have advocated for years.

Hugs, Gary[Craig], Founder of EFT

By Kathy Atkinson, EFT-ADV

I have a life coaching business and EFT website, and a few weeks ago, I received an email from Manuel S. asking how to work on social anxiety. I suggested using EFT to tap on specific scenarios that caused anxiety in the past, and had him ask himself some questions to help dig down into the issue. (Was the anxiety a long-standing problem? When did it begin? What situations caused the anxiety?) Two weeks later, I received this follow-up email from Manuel, sharing how he cleared up his anxiety by using EFT for every person and situation from his past.

Hi Kathy,

I am so pleased with EFT. It works indeed. As I had mentioned to you, I was desperate about my chronic social anxiety that would not go away. It was intensified when it came to public speaking, and I was very self-conscious about talking to anybody. I was hyper-alert to my surroundings and not able to concentrate.

Well, I began to tap on past experiences in my life of being ridiculed by my siblings and peers at school. I role-played, pretending I was standing up, with them in front of me sitting and looking up at me listening attentively. I spoke with each of them with a powerful voice about how they made me feel in the past. I did all of this while rubbing my sore spot and tapping Craig’s meridian points.

Even though you treated me this way, I deeply and completely accept myself. I am an adult now and I am powerful and self-confident.

I did this statement with each member of my family from whom I took physical and emotional abuse, including my parents.

As a result of all of this tapping, with a powerful voice and standing up tall and strong, my anxiety is now gone 100%. I cannot believe it - that in 2 hours of continuous tapping on multiple aspects of my present and past stressors, all of it left me permanently.

I've had perhaps the most peaceful week, that I can recall, in my entire life. I had tried many other approaches with thousands of dollars wasted. EFT simply worked for me where no other approach came even close.

Thank you. Manuel S.

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