Self-Administered Energy Technique Often Succeeds
    Where Willpower Fails

worried sick

   If you’re like most of us, there are times when you find yourself knowing what to do
    and how to do it, but that doesn’t get you on your way. You have the resources
   that could or should get you going but you don’t.

   You can force yourself to “buck up and just do it”, but like a car out of fuel, it takes   tremendous effort (willpower) to push it and you can do that for only so long   before you eventually give out.

Many of us try to get to where we want to be through “right thinking”: getting rid of negative thoughts and feelings. We use positive affirmations and attempt to persuade ourselves through willpower that t;he negativity isn’t true.

Others of us get mired in self-criticism, limiting thoughts or wishful thinking: “I can’t even do the relaxation techniques to reduce the tension in my neck and shoulders.” “Yeah, I get that I procrastinate because I’m afraid of success; it’s always going to be like that. “If I met Mr (Ms) ‘Right’, I’d stop being lonely and I wouldn’t overeat.”

Right thinking and beating up on yourself don’t spur you into action, or if they do, you’re miserable and they eventually stop working – even if that takes decades.

What seems to defeat willpower, to sabotage best intentions, to keep us from going after the results we want? Most likely there is hidden underlying emotional content.

worried sick

Arguably, nothing elicits willpower as a coping strategy more than weight loss and efforts to maintain our weight at the level we want.

"Unsuccessful dieters fail because they are relying on their willpower to quell the emotional turmoil that is actually lodged in their energy systems," says Stanford Engineer Gary Craig whose Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has successfully helped overweight people lose weight. Craig reports, "I repeatedly see that emotional issues like fear, anger, boredom, shame, and resentment are the very centerpiece of someone's weight gain.”

An easy-to-use, self-administered technique, EFT is used to address emotional eating at the level of the subtle energy system of the body. It has been called an emotional version of acupuncture – with no needles necessary – because you stimulate well-established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips.

“Most often negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are at the core of your weight problems, but the energy disruption caused by unresolved emotional difficulties,” he maintains, "is the missing link to actually changing your thinking and healing your feelings permanently.”

When you use food (over- or under-eating) to tranquilize emotions – for example, depression, guilt, deprivation – you have a negatively-charged relationship with food. Your energy gets bound up in this relationship, creating an imbalance in your body’s energy system. The imbalance often results in food cravings, obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior about food.

Because EFT addresses energy imbalances related to emotional issues, it can reduce or eliminate food cravings and negatively-charged food behaviors. Craig states that he’s seen food cravings subside in a matter of moments in 80% of cases when using EFT.* "While this is not yet mainstream thinking, hundreds of doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists are using EFT to help their patients change their relationships with food."

Dr. Carol Look, a Manhattan psychotherapist and EFT Master Practitioner specializing in using EFT for weight loss, has developed a protocol that addresses a client’s underlying relationship with food. She states that EFT has shown it effectively frees clients “to have a healthy relationship with food, allowing you to eat what your body needs, to know when you’re full and to stop.”

Whether you’re stagnated in your desire to lose weight, or your willpower and your best intentions are being sabotaged by negatively-charged emotions, you might join the more than 225,000 people who have downloaded Craig's free EFT training manual to start tapping on energy meridian points. The manual provides all the basic information you need so you can begin using it immediately.

*Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of EFT.

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