How do I know when I might need counseling?

At Soul Support Counseling we help people through life changes by identifying and transforming self-defeating patterns. Sometimes you might have difficulty recognizing your own behaviors that are holding you back from taking that "next step," but at Soul Support we’re here to help you make the changes you want so you can grow emotionally and spiritually.

In order to help you recognize if you need support in your life, we have created quizzes (one each for teens, young adults, adults and couples) with simple questions that concern your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Please select the appropriate quiz below, read and answer the questions for yourself.

If you find yourself answering “yes” to many of the questions, you may have some self-defeating behaviors and stress concerning your life. We can teach you simple, easy-to-use techniques that you can use at any stage of your life to get out from under the burden of negativity.

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Quiz for Teens
Quiz for Young Adults
Quiz for Adults
Quiz for Couples

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