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It might be that you keep yourself busy because when you’ve got time on your hands there’s an uncomfortable awareness, sometimes a hunger or longing, for being a part of something larger than yourself. Or you notice the big questions popping up with regularity – 'Who am I? Why am I here?' – and you feel anxious or depressed in your uncertainty. You feel ready to pay attention to the spiritual nature of being human.

You can get in touch with your spirituality and move to peace with holistic counseling

Dr. Nancy Brockett helps you recognize and access your spirituality, an inner part of you that knows you are more than your physical and intellectual self. She teaches you how to treat yourself with compassion just the way you are right now and to remember Who You Are and your place in the world.

I want to support you in exploring spirituality counseling

At Soul Support Counseling we provide affordable, holistic Spirituality Counseling in West Hartford Connecticut attuned to your need and desire for personal growth.

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