Counseling for Anxiety & Fear

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with anxiety, and you fear the worst case scenario is just around the corner. The anxiety symptoms and fears that frequently run your life have gotten to the point where you’ve reduced the scope of your life. Maybe you’ve had an anxiety and panic attack. You just want some relief and wonder if therapy can help.

You can learn to break free from anxiety and move to peace and joy

Dr. Nancy Brockett teaches you about the anxiety and fear reaction mechanisms that create anxiety disorders in the body. You learn self-health tools that help with anxiety so you calm those old reactions and then re-pattern the habitual thoughts that run them. Dr. Brockett helps you be able to let your heart sing again.

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At Soul Support Counseling we provide affordable, holistic Anxiety and Fears Counseling in West Hartford Connecticut attuned to your need and desire for personal growth.

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