Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Technique—Healing Aid That Often Works When Nothing Else Will

Let’s say you’re a relatively healthy adult.

Imagine that late one evening as you’re getting ready for bed you experience a sharp pain piercing the deep muscles between your shoulders as you pull off your shirt or blouse. It causes you to catch your breath—and hold it –as you move. Lying in bed you can’t find a comfortable position so that going to sleep is difficult, and when you do the pain wakes you.

You could have several different reactions from dismissive to alternately puzzled, concerned, worried, annoyed or angry. You might immediately reach for the pain reliever and monitor its progress, wondering if (or worried that) you’re having a major physical episode when the pain doesn’t subside.

What to do next? “Gut” it out? Take something stronger? Wake someone up and have them massage your shoulders? Go to the emergency room?

If you’re Gary Craig or someone who has studied his Emotional Freedom Technique, your first response would be to tap different points on your hand, head, face, collarbone and side.

What is EFT?

EFT has been called an emotional version of acupuncture—with no needles necessary—because you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. The process doesn’t involve drugs, is pain-free, easy to memorize and portable, so you can do it anywhere.

This common sense approach draws its power from ideas that have been largely ignored by Western Healing Practices: (1) time-honored Eastern discoveries that have been around for over 5,000 years and (2) the discoveries of Albert Einstein, who told us back in the 1920's that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy.

Based on the premise that unresolved emotions can compromise our potential for happiness, EFT began in the 1990’s as an effective remedy for phobias, addictions and war trauma. After teaching the technique, founder Gary Craig was amazed that Vietnam Vets were finally able to sleep at night, smokers could choose fresh air, and paralyzing phobias lost their grip, all without medication.

Before long, EFT was providing relief for migraine headaches, sexual abuse trauma, and a wide assortment of everyday ailments. Fascinated by the results, Craig taught therapists, clients and people on the street to use EFT.

“Try it on everything!” he told them; so they did. Since then, EFT has grown into a revolutionary healing aid, used by traditional therapists, medical professionals and alternative healers on everything from weight loss to cancer.

The discovery behind this relief is that unresolved emotional issues are caused by disruptions in the body’s subtle energies. “These disruptions inhibit our natural ability to heal, leaving us open to nagging fears, chronic pain and terminal illness,” says Gary Craig.

EFT is able to address the causes of these energy disruptions instead of symptoms as it combines this emotional element with the ancient principles of acupuncture. Impressive results ensue. *

Most recently, advanced EFT applications have been demonstrated on clients with serious diseases at a series of workshops in the US and England. These workshops have drawn between 250—400 participants each and, according to reports from the official EFT website (www.emofree.com), clients have walked away with measurable relief from Parkinson’s Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, among other maladies.

Committed to the integration of traditional medicine with energy healing, Craig offers a free manual that includes the EFT Basics, a free e-newsletter, and very affordable training DVDs on the website. Practitioners around the world are trained to teach and apply EFT, and over 100,000 people receive the EFT newsletter. It is also spreading internationally, and the EFT Manual has been translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Persian and other languages.

So if the pain in the muscles between your shoulders is disturbing your sleep, you might want to start tapping on energy meridian points, using the EFT technique.

*Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, Gary Craig is not a licensed health professional and offers EFT as an ordained minister and as a personal performance coach. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of EFT.

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The above article is adapted from material found on EFT website (www.emofree.com).