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Teenage Counseling  

Does it seem everybody has an idea of what you should be doing with your life except you?  Your folks, your friends, your teachers all think you would be good at ____________, but you aren't sure that you have what it takes, or you love doing something else.  The stress of trying to decide what to do leaves you with anxiety and depression.

You can become more confident, move forward and grow relationships

Dr. Nancy Brockett guides you to a sense of peace and confidence for moving forward instead of suffering with teenage problems.

She helps you identify and explore your strengths and teaches you how to find your own "voice" so you feel empowered to be for yourself.  You take important steps in discovering your place and purpose in the world.


Young Adult Counseling  

Sometimes in young adulthood troubles with job and/or relationships feel really big, and friends and family all have their "two-cents-worth" of advice. What confusion! Maybe you'd just like to have someone to talk to who can be an unbiased listener to help you work through your problems.

You can get support and relief from stress and anxiety of young adulthood

As you create a working partnership with Dr. Nancy Brockett to address your issues, she teaches you how to tap into your own inner problem solver so that you dissolve inner barriers to living fully as who you were born to be.

I want to support you in exploring affordable counseling 

At Soul Support Counseling we provide affordable, holistic Teenage Counseling and Young Adult Counseling in West Hartford Connecticut attuned to your need and desire for personal growth.

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