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Counseling for Anxiety & Fear  

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and you fear the worst case scenario is just around the corner. The anxiety symptoms and fears that frequently run your life have gotten to the point where you've reduced the scope of your life. Maybe you've had an anxiety and/or panic attack. You just want some relief and wonder if therapy can help.

You can learn to break free from anxiety and move to peace and joy

Dr. Nancy Brockett teaches you about the anxiety and fear reaction mechanisms that create anxiety disorders in the body. You learn self-health tools that help with anxiety so you calm those old reactions and then re-pattern the habitual thoughts that run them. Dr Brockett helps you be able to let your heart sing again.

Depression Counseling in CT  

Does this sound familiar? You have a heavy heart and you experience thoughts that are crippling you.  You're frustrated and depressed because every time you want to get something done thoughts such, 'I can't do it' or 'What's the use' stop you.  Maybe it feels like everything is so hard and nothing is ever going to change.

You can learn to break free from depression and move to peace and joy

Dr. Nancy Brockett teaches you how to identify and dissolve inner belief systems that cripple you. Working in partnership with Dr. Brockett you get depression relief to access and build on your inner strengths so you move from 'I can't!' to 'I have all the inner resources I need to live a happy life!'

Stress Relief Counseling  

Maybe your doctor has told you that your physical difficulties and/our your irritability are symptoms of stress, the result of living with chronic stress for years.  You wonder what choices you have in the face of stress that is largely unavoidable twenty-first century American life.  Your main concern is to reduce stress and get relief from the effects of stress and anxiety. 

You can learn holistic stress reduction techniques that relieve stress

Dr. Nancy Brockett helps you get to the heart of the matter of work, relationship, and existential stress. She teaches you easy-to-use mindfulness based stress reduction techniques that have impressive results.  You experience relief!

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