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Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression, Teen and Spiritual Counseling


Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and you fear the worst case scenario is just around the corner. The anxiety symptoms and fears that frequently run your life have gotten to the point where you've reduced the scope of your life. Maybe you've had an anxiety and/or panic attack. You just want some relief and wonder if therapy can help.

You can learn to break free from anxiety and move to peace and joy
Counseling for Anxiety & Fear  

Dr. Nancy Brockett teaches you about the anxiety and fear reaction mechanisms that create anxiety disorders in the body. You learn self-health tools that help with anxiety so you calm those old reactions and then re-pattern the habitual thoughts that run them. Dr Brockett helps you be able to let your heart sing again.


Does this sound familiar? You have a heavy heart and you experience thoughts that are crippling you.  You're frustrated and depressed because every time you want to get something done thoughts such, 'I can't do it' or 'What's the use' stop you.  Maybe it feels like everything is so hard and nothing is ever going to change.

You can learn to break free from depression and move to peace and joy

Dr. Nancy Brockett teaches you how to identify and dissolve inner belief systems that cripple you. Working in partnership with Dr. Brockett you get depression relief to access and build on your inner strengths so you move from 'I can't!' to 'I have all the inner resources I need to live a happy life!'

Depression Counseling in CT  
Stress Relief
Stress Relief Counseling  

Maybe your doctor has told you that your physical difficulties and/our your irritability are symptoms of stress, the result of living with chronic stress for years.  You wonder what choices you have in the face of stress that is largely unavoidable twenty-first century American life.  Your main concern is to reduce stress and get relief from the effects of stress and anxiety. 

You can learn holistic stress reduction techniques that relieve stress

Dr. Nancy Brockett helps you get to the heart of the matter of work, relationship, and existential stress. She teaches you easy-to-use mindfulness based stress reduction techniques that have impressive results.  You experience relief!

Adolescent Therapy
Teenage Counseling  
Young Adult Counseling

Sometimes in young adulthood troubles with job and/or relationships feel really big, and friends and family all have their "two-cents-worth" of advice. What confusion! Maybe you'd just like to have someone to talk to who can be an unbiased listener to help you work through your problems.

Young Adult Counseling      

Does it seem everybody has an idea of what you should be doing with your life except you?  Your folks, your friends, your teachers all think you would be good at ____________, but you aren't sure that you have what it takes, or you love doing something else.  The stress of trying to decide what to do leaves you with anxiety and depression.

You can become more confident, move forward and grow relationships

Dr. Nancy Brockett guides you to a sense of peace and confidence for moving forward instead of suffering with teenage problems.

She helps you identify and explore your strengths and teaches you how to find your own "voice" so you feel empowered to be for yourself.  You take important steps in discovering your place and purpose in the world.

You can get support and relief from stress and anxiety of young adulthood

As you create a working partnership with Dr. Nancy Brockett to address your issues, she teaches you how to tap into your own inner problem solver so that you dissolve inner barriers to living fully as who you were born to be.

Personal & Spiritual Growth
Personal Growth & Spirituality Counseling in CT  
Life Coach Counseling  

Whether you state boldly 'I hate change' or quietly drag your feet, you're aware that you're resisting an impending life transition.  Maybe you're beginning to suspect that the stress, anxiety and irritability you feel is related to a new "life stage": school graduation, new parenthood, empty nest, retirement.  You'd like to get some life coaching to find clarity for the path ahead.

With life coach counseling you can learn to let go and move forward

As a life coach counselor Dr. Nancy Brockett helps you acknowledge rather than resist both the circumstance and your response to it.  She helps you move out of autopilot reactions and let go of harsh self-judgement, worry and upset.  Working in partnership with Dr. Brockett you create and choose life-enhancing adjustments that serve you.

Life Coach Counseling

Maybe you don't know Who you are. Maybe you know What you want to be but dismiss it saying, 'How will I ever make a living?' Or maybe you're afraid that what you have to offer the world isn't 'good or important enough.'

It might be that you notice the big questions popping up with regularity --"Who am I? Why am I here?' -- and you feel anxious or depressed in your uncertainty. You feel ready to pay attention to the spiritual nature of being human.

You can learn to identify your purpose and live fully as you get in touch with your spirituality and move to peace with holistic counseling

Dr. Nancy Brockett knows that at different points in life young, middle and elder adults are at a loss to know their place and purpose in the world. She teaches you self empowerment by helping you recognize and access an inner part of yourself that knows you are more than your physical and intellectual self and teaches you how to treat yourself with compassion just the way you are right now so that you can recognize and activate the gift you are in the world.

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