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Life Changing Experience 

"Working with Nancy has been a life changing and affirming experience. You will not regret taking the time to learn more about yourself." ~CGN, West Hartford, CT

“Nancy, your work is so important. With a lot of help from you I was able to find a way over [my] ‘mountain’ and move forward.”

~ BW, Middletown, CT

“Therapy with Nancy is one of the most important things I do for myself; and it’s good for my family, too.” ~ SF, Berlin, CT

“I’ve told so many people about my work with Nancy. It’s made a huge difference in my life. I feel as if an amazing light filled up a dark place.” ~ AG, Tolland, CT

Gentle guidance; compelling insights! 

“Through talk and guided meditation, Nancy leads me gently as far as I’m able to go.”~ CC, Haddam, CT

"Meeting with Nancy for the past year and a half has brought unprecedented change in my life. Her style is unlike any therapist or counselor I've seen previously. While with others my experience was more one of working from within my head, she integrates spirit and body to the pursuit of wholeness. This can be a challenge--it stretches me and takes me to new places. But it certainly brings about results. I also always appreciate that Nancy listens on multiple levels, and can hear the below-the-surface meaning of my words." ~ JS, Tariffville, CT

Compassionate Counselor 

"It's been my pleasure to work with Nancy for the past year or so. She has been instrumental in my continuing on my own journey of growth and insight. Nancy is a warm and caring individual who allows the client to arrive safely at new places with careful guidance and love. There is work involved, but getting to a better place is always worth the effort when someone travels alongside. Nancy has been a loving guide and continues to nurture my path."


~RTL, West Hartford, CT


Excellent Holistic Counselor

I loved Nancy. She combines meditation with traditional talk therapy to help get at the heart of your problems. I recommend her for anyone looking for a holistic psychotherapist. 

~ FL, Middletown


If you're looking for a holistically grounded therapist, Nancy is amazing.  ~ KGW, West Hartford

What Clients Say About Working with Nancy Brockett, PhD
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