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Life Coaching in CT

Whether you state boldly 'I hate change' or quietly drag your feet, you’re aware that you’re resisting an impending life transition. Maybe you’re beginning to suspect that the stress, anxiety and irritability you feel is related to a new “life stage”: school graduation, new parenthood, empty nest, retirement. You’d like to get some life coaching to find clarity for the path ahead.

With life coaching you can learn to let go and move forward

As a life coach and counselor Dr. Nancy Brockett helps you acknowledge rather than resist both the circumstance and your response to it. She helps you move out of autopilot reactions and let go of harsh self-judgment, worry and upset. Working with Dr. Brockett you create and choose life-enhancing adjustments that serve you.

I want to support you in exploring life coaching

At Soul Support Counseling we provide affordable, holistic Life Coaching in West Hartford Connecticut attuned to your need and desire for personal growth.

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