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My Approach :   

Supportive, Holistic 

& Drug-Free

Living with Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Fear is a Burden

You want to learn how to deal with these issues so you can get on with your life and experience healthy, peaceful relationships, beginning with you.  I want to support you for taking the step to look for a therapist, counselor or psychotherapist who can help you break free from worries and fears. 

You can learn to break free from negativity with Holistic Counseling

Traditional talk therapy and counseling focus almost exclusively on the thinking aspect of your self. While your thoughts are important, research shows that emotions, thoughts, physical and mental well-being are complex and interconnected.

In Holistic Counseling and Psychotherapy we attend to your experience of depression, stress, anxiety or uncertainty from the perspective of your whole self: mind, body and spirit. In my counseling I blend elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychology, Meditation, Bio-spiritual Focusing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy Psychology, and Expressive Arts Techniques. 

We get to the heart of the matter and clear away whatever emotional, psychological and spiritual issues are interfering with your feeling really good. I help you find your self again so you experience happiness, confidence, and support, both as an individual and in your relationships with others.

I Can Help You Start Healing and Thriving

Since 2002 I have had a Holistic Psychotherapy practice in West Hartford, CT, providing mental health counseling services for people just like you. Using painless, drug-free, easy to use tools, I help you uncover and build on your own inner strengths so you can free yourself from stress, anxiety or depression and live with more joy and contentment in your life and relationships.


I teach you how to calm your body, mind and spirit so you can feel relief and move fully into your life and revitalize yourself in relationships. Write or call me below to see if we are a good match.

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