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Holistic Therapy Methods

Supportive, Holistic, and Drug-Free
I use and teach a variety of painless, drug-free, easy to use methods

At Soul Support I help you move from a life filled with stress, anxiety or depression to one with more of a sense of peace, purpose and joy. It's important to recognize that your particular symptom or difficulty is a PART of you and NOT ALL of you.

             I've worked effectively with people who:

  •  can't calm down themselves or their bodies

  •  can't sleep well at night because their thinking never turns off

  •  feel confused and ask 'What's it all about, anyway?' 

  •  want to grow emotionally and spiritually but feel stuck

  •  want to move out of 'same-old, same-old' mode

  •  want to make their relationships better but don't know how


 Dr. Nancy Brockett takes a holistic approach to therapy and counseling. She uses a variety of methods that focus on your whole self: mind, body and spirit. She works with you to find the blend of methods that is right for you. Click on the methods below to learn more.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

This simple and self-applied technique uses the body's subtle energies to bring relief to physical and emotional pains related to stress and anxiety. 

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a technique where you:

  • Uncover thoughts that come in “under the radar”

  • Learn how to disrupt the resulting “hamster wheel” effect of your feelings and actions


Guided breathing meditation is a technique that helps you: 

  • Relax

  • Release tension

  • Release excessive energy

Focusing in Counseling


Focusing is a technique that helps you:

  • Experience a "felt sense" of how you carry your concerns in your body

  • Work with the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of issues

Expressive Art Techniques

Nancy is a professional expressionist artist and runs her own studio called "Art For You." With Expressive Art Techniques in CT Nancy helps you express emotions and experiences for which you just can't find the words. 

At Soul Support Counseling 

we teach you a variety of  painless, drug-free, easy to use self health tools so you can move forward in your life at the pace that you can access inner resources to support your growth.

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