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Nancy Brockett, PhD says,
“I work with couples who might describe a sense of feeling stuck in old relationship habits that leave them feeling dissatisfied. They're going around in circles trying to straighten things out in their relationship and getting the same old results. We work together to move from complaint, apathy or discouragement to building on what's right with your relationship. I teach couples simple, necessary skills for making their relationship better than they might think possible.” Learn more...

Are you stuck in “he said”- “she said” mode?

Sometimes couples have communication habits that trip them up in their relationships.

In our experience people are doing ALL they're ABLE to do, given their level of awareness. So when one or the other person feels harmed, it’s most often a matter of unskilled behavior rather than an intention to harm.

A couple can learn to improve the ways they communicate and build their skills of relating with the important “other”’ in their lives.

At Soul Support Counseling we help you identify “auto pilot” thought patterns that keep you stuck in unhelpful habits.

Are you wondering if there’s hope for your relationship?

Relationships are living things. At times they seem to be growing—closer or apart; at other times they appear stagnant. Perhaps you and your partner feel that you’ve “lost that lovin’ feeling”. Your relationship has gotten off track and you’ve tried ignoring it, complaining about it, blaming each other, settling for more dissatisfaction than satisfaction, sighing and saying, “What can you do?”

At Soul Support Counseling we want to assure you that it's possible to keep love alive; you really can solve problems and turn things around in your relationship. We work with you to strengthen the friendship that’s at the heart of it. From that basis you can learn skills that address solvable conflicts and gain courage and hope to get at hidden issues underlying perpetual conflicts.

What to do?

If you find yourself answering "yes" to these questions, the good news is that your relationship doesn’t have to remain stuck. It can be transformed when you learn and practice new skills, even if you’re the only one who’s ready to work on the relationship.

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