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Release Stress,

Relieve Anxiety

Perhaps you're feeling anxiousdepressed or stuck in your life, and need relief. I want to support you in your choice to pursue counseling and psychotherapy in Connecticut


About Me

You have come to the right place if you are an individual teen, young, middle or elder adult suffering from stress, anxiety, uncertainty, depression, anger, or relationship breakdowns and you are looking for affordable counseling or psychotherapy in CT from an experienced counselor and therapist in the West Hartford, Connecticut area.

​Nancy McClure Brockett is a holistic psychotherapist and certified spiritual director who has provided individual and spiritual-growth counseling since 1997. She teaches stress management and relationship skills as she helps adolescents and adults move from stress, anxiety and depression to peace, purpose and joy.


Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression, Teen and Growth Counseling

Stress, Anxiety &    Depression               

Do stress and anxiety seem to be running your life? Is uncertainty, depression or confusion taking its toll on your well-being and in your close relationships? Living with these life-draining situations can disrupt your loving relationships and leave you feeling stuck, frustrated or angry, not knowing what to do.

Teen & Young        Adult Counseling  

Sometimes it can be hard to feel at home in this world, to know where you belong and with whom. It can get so confusing! You wish you could feel confident to move forward but it seems difficult to take the tiniest step.

Spiritual & Personal  Growth                         

Deep down you know you have a meaningful contribution to bring the world, but it isn't happening now.  OR

maybe you keep yourself busy because when you've got time on your hands there's an uncomfortable awareness of a longing to be part of something larger than yourself.

What My Clients Say

Claire G, West Hartford, CT

Working with Nancy has been a life changing and affirming experience. You will not regret taking the time to learn more about yourself with Nancy's compassionate therapy and counseling.

John S, Hartford, CT

Meeting with Nancy for the past year and a half has brought unprecedented change in my life. Her style is unlike any therapist or counselor I've seen previously.



NBCC Board Certified

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